WFA’s Action Agenda. What Does it Mean for Individual Wineries?

A seminar hosted by Finlaysons, Australian Wine Lawyers

Wine Roadshow XXII

In December 2013, the Winemakers' Federation of Australia released its "Actions for Industry Profitability 2014 – 2016" with a view to returning Australia’s wine sector to growth in both domestic and export markets. The report comprises 43 specific "Actions" in key issue areas for the industry, including growing demand for Australian wine, the wine and health debate, working with the retail chains and, most controversially, wine taxation.

What do the Actions mean for individual wineries? What should
they do about them?

These are vitally important initiatives for the future of our industry.
For individual wine businesses, understanding what is happening
(eg with tax, but not just with tax) is fundamental to their future success.
There is also the opportunity to influence the future, at an individual level.

Each year, Finlaysons organises and hosts a series of seminars in
major wine districts of Australia, to assist small and medium sized
wine companies to deal with critical business issues facing them.
Attend Wine Roadshow XXII and understand what WFA’s
Action Agenda means for your particular wine business

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